Where I Came From To Get Here...

...and how I built this site

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Richard Scott

About Me

Hello, my name is Richard Scott and I am the creator of Classic Aircraft Art.

Let me tell you a little bit about where I am from and the steps that led me to create this website.

About My Town

I was born on the north east coast of England in the last century, in a town that a famous flying boat was named after.

Which is now the City of Sunderland.

Shipyards and Coalmines

They used to build ships there, a lot of them, and dig long, deep coalmines, three miles out under the North Sea, in the search for coal, but not any more.

All that is history. But not forgotten.

A bit like most of the aircraft featured on this website, consigned to history, but not forgotten.

When I was growing up, it was said in some quarters, that if you didn't work down the coal mines, then it would be in the shipyards.

My father worked in the former and my oldest brother in the latter. Well, I did neither.

Magnificent Flying Machines.

What I did do, was to go on to study Aeronautical Engineering for awhile, as a way perhaps of following up my boyhood interest in those magnificent flying machines.

Flight of Fancy

Alas, the reality of the course didn't match up to the fantasy of becoming a latter day RJ Mitchell(you remember him don't you, from those far off Spitfire days?), and besides, there were far too many long and complicated mathematical equations to grapple with.

Still, engineering it was to be and I settled for the more prosaic Mechanical Engineering.

The Passion

So it was as a boy that a passion for those flying machines developed.

Was it the speed?

Was it the deafening roar of those engines that would guarantee to have you gazing skyward to try to catch a glimpse, to try and identify which one it was?

Or was it the sight of a bird like plane, soaring high into the serenity of a cloudless blue sky, far above the hurly burly of an overcrowded earth below?

Who knows, but it would have you reaching for the 'must have' Observer Book of Aircraft, an ever present companion of any schoolboy aircraft spotter.

The Website

So, if I was going to put up a website about anything, then the chances were it would be about aircraft, and so it proved to be.

But where do you start to build a website around an idea?

How do you go about it?

Knowing Where To Start

After I had decided to create a website about aircraft, I literally, did not know where to start.

I knew very little about computers, and even less about the internet, and absolutely nothing about building a website.

Finding SBI!

Then one day, I found SBI!, which stands for Site Build It!

This website was built with SBI!, who provide all the tools and guidance to build a website about anything you like, or they guide you into choosing the right topic for your site.

Starting Point

  • Perhaps you are at the starting point that I was at, with an idea for a website of your own.

  • Maybe you haven't got any idea or topic to build a website around, but by using the easy to follow tools and systems that you will find in SBI! you will find one.

  • The Video Tour

    Whatever your starting point, sit back, relax and watch this video tour on how SBI! works Click Here to Take The Video Tour! It's a 'must see' video.

    The Tools

    Did you see that one of the tools mentioned was the Brainstormer tool? I thought that this was one of the best tools to use, and so simple.

    Notice the page titles on the Navigation Bar on the left of the screen. Well, these were all given to me by this incredible tool.

    These are the most searched for keywords associated with the topic of Aircraft Art.

    Then, given the keywords, all that we have to do, is write a page centered around just one keyword or phrase. It's that simple.

    But that's not all, there's more.

    So you may ask, just what tools do you get with SBI!?.

    Click Here To Find Out About ALL The Tools You Get Inside SBI!.

    The Harsh Reality

    In the economic reality of today, we need, in effect, an entirely new set of life skills. It could be described as a re-tooling of oneself.

    In the world of today, we need to re-train for success, depend on yourself rather than a job.

    We must go for personal growth and a large dose of self-reliance.

    Remember the coal mines and the shipyards in the North East of England that I mentioned earlier?

    They employed many thousands of people directly, and many more thousands in the supply chain.

    Some fifty years ago, those people probably thought they had a job for life, afterall at their peak, they were producing coal and ships 24/7, they thought it would never end.

    It did, not many years after those boom times.


    As you can see, there is nothing to lose, and everything to gain by giving it a try.

    Question Time

    I am sure that you may have many questions.

    If You Would Like To Talk To An SBIier or Send a Query By Email, Then Click Here