Airplane Drawings

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Welcome to the latest addition, Airplane Drawings, to the Classic Aircraft Art site.

Here, we hope that we have showcased some of the best digitally produced aircraft art. Now we have created a new section, to showcase some original free hand pencil sketches of some of our favourite aircraft.

So, the first airplane sketch to be featured is the Hawker Hurricane. We intend to feature many more original sketches of our, and we hope, your favourite old war planes of World War 2 in particular, but also many of a more recent vintage.

We are also planning to bring you some airplane drawing tips in a 'Drawing Airplanes' section.

This will be combined with building up the colour in a plane drawing, to create a full colour version of the line drawings, so thereby showing the stages in the drawing of an airplane.

We would hope that many of you will attempt your own aircraft art, and we will showcase the best on this very site.

But wait, we are getting ahead of ourselves, that is a target for the not too distant future.

For the moment, click on airplane sketch to see the latest finished result.

Click Here to see the latest Hawker Hurricane Airplane Sketch

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