Avro Lancaster Bomber

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The Avro Lancaster Bomber has long been one of the stars of many a UK air show for many years, rumbling overhead with the characteristic drone of its piston engines. This Avro aircraft is featured here as bomber art, in the style of a digital ink sketch.


Lancaster Ink Sketch

Certainly it was one of the principal bombers of ww2, operating from many a battle of Britain airfield. And who was the main target of its sorties from these airfields in world war 2? Germany and its industry.

Probably the bombers' main claim to fame is the part it played in the mainly successful raids on the Ruhr Valley dams.

This action was immortalised in The Dam Busters movie, one of those old black and white plane movies, we remember watching on a wet Saturday afternoon.

The Lancaster delivered a so called bouncing bomb, whilst dodging numerous luftwaffe fighter planes along the way.

The bomb was designed to skip over the waves to its target, the dam. It was the brainchild of Barnes Wallis, played by the British actor Michael Redgrave.

The lead pilot of the mission was Guy Gibson, played by Richard Todd, but the Lancaster was the star, and it has certainly gone down in military aircraft history for its powerful attributes in being able to deliver long range bombing capability to the allies, when it was needed most.

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