Classic Airliners

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There have been dozens if not hundreds of successful airliners, but how many have become classic airliners over time?.

Arguably, one or two fairly new aircraft are already classics, the Airbus A380 being one of them.

What makes an airliner a classic? Well, it might come down to several factors.

What about shear size and a huge wingspan? One airliner springs to mind that would fall into that category, the Bristol Brabazon. A leviathon of its day. A classic? Well,perhaps.

Which brings us to the Airbus A300. .What! I hear you cry, this aircraft a classic?

Well look at it this way. Before this European made aircraft, the worlds commercial airline market was dominated by American built airliners, so this aircraft broke that domination, because of that it could be argued that it bacame a classic.

Whatever the reasons, and I'm sure that you all have your own favourites with a totally different set of criteria, but they all have one thing in common, they all make great aircraft art!

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