English Electric Lightning

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The English Electric Lightning was a British supersonic fighter, and along with the Avro Vulcan, could be described as a Cold War aircraft.

Of course, here in the 21st century, some would look back, and regard this Lightning fighter, as one of the best vintage fighter planes of that era.

It is showcased here as a splendid digitally produced Lightning pencil sketch, and it can be seen quite plainly from this image its sweptback wings.


Lightning Pencil Sketch


This jet fighter aircraft was an interceptor, and was capable of flying at twice the speed of sound, or Mach 2.

In its day, this was the latest military aircraft, and was a potent symbol of military air power.

The next image of the Lightning is that of a watercolor effect image, showing the aircraft either landing or taking off, where wings and wheels can be seen clearly.

english electric lightning

Lightning Watercolor

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As one of the most well known British Cold War jets, at least, well known by the pilots who flew it, for its very fast take off and near vertical climb to its operating altitude.

The last image that portrays this fine aircraft in action is an lightning ink sketch effect image.


Lightning Ink Sketch

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