Gloster Gladiator

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The Gloster Gladiator was first flown in 1934, and was introduced into active service in 1937.


Gladiator Watercolor

This Gloster aircraft was a British built biplane fighter, the last biplane to be used by the RAF, which were soon to be replaced by more modern monoplane designs, such as the Spitfire fighter plane and the Hawker Hurricane.

This Gladiator airplane was also a ww2 aircraft, and was pitted against more formidable aircraft, but by all accounts aquitted itself well in the early days of world war two.

WW2 aircraft photos probably wouldn't have an image of the aircraft in color but here, one of these fine old planes is featured here in a full color, watercolor effect image.

The Gladiator saw action in very many areas of the conflict, with a lot of airforces. The RAF used it not only in Greece, but also in Europe and initially in the defence of Malta, before Spitfires arrived by sea in 1942, by courtesy of the Royal Navy and one of the American aircraft carriers, USS Wasp.

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