Gloster Meteor

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The Gloster Meteor was the first British jet fighter aircraft.

The Meteor is featured on this page in a digitally produced image, in the style of a pencil sketch.


Meteor Pencil Sketch

This grand old military aircraft first flew in 1943 and was put into service in 1944.

The introduction of this jet aircraft in WW2 was to give the RAF another means to intercept the so called flying bomb, the V1, which, being rocket propelled was difficult to catch, but the meteor was effective in doing this.

So, this military jet aircraft heralded in the jet age, being of all metal construction, it had two turbojets situated half way along its wings.

These terrific old jet planes didn't play a major role in WW2, or in any way sufficient to change the course of the war significantly, but rather to be remembered for the shape of things to come.

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