Handley Page Victor

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The first flight of the Handley Page Victor took place in 1952. It entered service with the RAF in 1958.


Victor Pencil Sketch

The Handley Page aircraft is showcased here as what we believe to be an interesting example of aircraft art. The first image is done in the style of a pencil sketch, and the aircrafts' graceful lines, we think are captured in these pictures.

The Victor was a British built jet bomber aircraft. Like the Vulcan, it was one of the ''V bombers''. These were capable of being armed with nuclear weapons as part Britains nuclear deterrent force. The other two were the Avro Vulcan and the Vickers Valiant.


Victor Ink Sketch

The second example in the Handley Page portfolio, is an excellent rendition of an ink sketch. The coloring is obviously quite different to the pencil sketch, as the eye is drawn to the areas of shade, notably under the wings, causing a contrast to the sky, which highlights the subtle design of the memorable wing shape.

The aircraft saw active service in the Falklands War and also in the 1991 Gulf War where it was used as an in flight refuelling tanker.

The Victor was retired in 1993 after 35 years of service both as a bomber and as a tanker.

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