Hawker Hurricane Fighter Aircraft

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The Hawker Hurricane fighter aircraft has gone down in military airplane history for its role in the Battle of Britain 2,and its engagement of German fighter aircraft in the skies over Britain in the early 1940's.


Hurricane Ink Sketch

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This military aircraft of wwii is showcased here as digital art, in the style of an ink sketch.

As one of the key world war two fighter planes the Hawker Hurricane Mk1 saw service around the world and with modifications could be seen in action as an Egyptian Hawker Hurricane, in the defence of Egypt, during the Italian Army's invasion of Egypt.

So, as a pilot, if you were climbing into a Hawker Hurricane cockpit, you may have found yourself operating in hostile desert conditions.

This RAF fighter aircraft was also modified to take off from aircraft carriers.WW2 navy planes would have included this aircraft as a navy fighter plane, in the form of a Sea Hurricane.

The aircraft is also featured here in a magnificent digital artwork in the style of an oil painting.


Hurricane in Oils

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