Hawker Hurricane Fighter

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The Hawker Hurricane fighter is featured here as a digital art work in the style of a watercolor effect image.


Hurricane Watercolor

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As on of the most effecetive military fighter planes, the RAF Hurricane played a key role in the hostilities and as a mainly Royal Air Force fighter aircraft, took on German WW2 aircraft during the Battle of Britain ii.

But it was not only to be seen in the skies over Europe, the war also saw the Hawker Hurricane in Egypt in 1940, as the Italians attacked Egypt, the Hurricane was despatched to engage them.

Military aircraft manufacturers, Hawker Aircraft Ltd., were the manufacturers of this aircraft in large numbers from 1937 onwards, but it was also built in Canada.

As an aircraft that was built around an aircraft engine, history tells us that the Hurricane had a distinguished war record against German aircraft. WW2 drew to a close, and this saw the production of the aircraft coming to an end.

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