Hawker Hurricane

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Hurricane Pencil Sketch

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Hawker Hurricane WW2 Royal Air Force fighter planes, played a major role against German aircraft of WW2, during the Battle of Britain in 1940.

Its origins were much earlier though, before the outbreak of war, having first flown in the mid 1930's, going into service a couple of years later.

We are sure that the Hurricane has been the subject of many military aircraft books, of plane drawings and airplane line art. It is also featured here as one of many digitally produced linedrawings in the style of a pencil sketch.

The aircrafts history is unusual, in that it was designed around a military aircraft engine, one that would become the Merlin.

The Hurricane showed its versatility by becoming a navy fighter aircraft, in the form of the Hawker Sea Hurricane, but when it comes to airplane art, we are certain that it will continue to be the subject of many more airplane drawings, in the years to come.

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