Hawker Tempest

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This is a simple pencil sketch of the Hawker Tempest aircraft, it is produced digitally, nevertheless, it still provides an opportunity to create your own original artwork, of one of these world war ii planes.


Tempest Pencil Sketch

One of the ways of doing this is to copy the image onto watercolor paper, (the digital pencil sketch just simulates free hand drawings),or just plain paper if you are not using paint.

Or better still, print it onto a medium watercolor paper and experiment with colors!

This next image of one of these fine old airplanes is an oil painting effect image. Its not a detailed copy of the original, but its not meant to be.

The brush strokes used are more of a coarse type rather than a fine brush type.

But I think they are quite bold, and you can get the basic colors from this image if you want to create your own, using the basic pencil sketch and working in oils or watercolors.

These second world war fighter aircraft may be just aircraft,WW2 aircraft at that, but from our point of view, compared to new fighter aircraft, they seem to possess a timeless character and individuality, perfect for capturing and turning into more truly magnificent aircraft art!


Tempest In Oils

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