Hawker Typhoon

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The Hawker Typhoon aircraft is featured on this page in the form of a digitally produced airplane sketch, one of many aircraft drawings to be found on classic aircraft art.

Typhoon Pencil Sketch


In its day, the Typhoon airplane was regarded as an advanced fighter aircraft, due to its versatility in being able to be armed with an array of aircraft hardware in the form of heavy weapons.

It was fitted with four 20mm cannon, then bombs and finally rockets, making this fighter attack aircraft, one of the most formidable WW2 military aircraft.

This classic military aircraft became one of the foremost fighter planes of world war two, because, not only its ability to be heavily armed,but also its high speed, in excess of 400mph,making it one of the fastest military aircraft towards the end of the war.

Although the Typhoon didn't play a significant part in the Battle of Britain, it did play a part in the air battle of Britain, later on during the Normandy invasion as a ground attack fighter.

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