Spitfire Fighter Plane

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The Spitfire fighter plane must have one of the most iconic and instantly recognisable aircraft profiles of any of the WW2 fighter aircraft.

It first flew in March 1936, and was brought into service with the Royal Air Force in 1938.


Spitfire Pencil Sketch

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The aircraft was designed as a single seat fighter, by a British company, Supermarine Aviation Works.Its unusual silhouette of elliptical wing, made it a distinctive sight in the skies over Britain during the Second World War.

The Spitfire, being one of numerous ww2 fighter planes, was, at one point in the conflict, no match for some ww2 German aircraft in terms of speed.

It was not until improvements to the Spitfire engine along with other detailed improvements, that resulted in the Spitfire mk9. This type became the most produced of the Spitfire series.

Along with the Hawker Hurricane, which were in the majority, the Spitfire made a significant contribution to the Battle of Britain, ensuring that for the rest of the war, the RAF secured air superiority in the skies over Britain, contributing to the Spitfire becoming an enduring image of that conflict.

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