Spitfire Planes

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If the writing of airplane history was being considered, then surely Spitfire planes would surely figure quite prominently and would be covered in great depth, in such a work, due to the leading role this aircraft played and its contribution to air combat in World War 2.


Spitfire Watercolor

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Featured here is one of the foremost world war 2 fighter planes, in a watercolor effect image,which we believe to be a fine example of ww2 aircraft art. The image was produced digitally by gradually building up and adding layers of color, just as you would do if using a brush and watercolor paints.

The engine used in the aircraft is a Rolls Royce Merlin engine, a 27 litre, liquid cooled V12 piston engine that was also used in the Hawker Hurricane, Mosquito and the Lancaster bomber.

The Spitfire design was started, unusually, with the engine first, then this Spitfire aircraft was designed around it, resulting in one of the most successful World War 2 fighter aircraft.

The Spitfire Fighter is Here!

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