Wellington Bomber

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Wellington Pencil Sketch

The Wellington bomber was a British WW2 bomber, and was one of the only bombers of WW2 to be in continous production throughout the war.

It is featured on this page as bomber art, firstly, in the form of a digitally produced pencil sketch.

The aircraft was a twin engined British aircraft of WW2 era, and a predecessor to the Avro Lancaster, which became one of the main WW2 bombers, but is featured elsewhere as vintage airplane art.

We think that the Wellington is a good subject fot bomber art, as evidenced by our next offering , a digitally produced image in the style of a watercolor.


Wellington Watercolor

So, as one of the principal military aircraft of WW2, I'm sure you will agree that the Wellington has earned its accolades as an historic military aircraft.

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