World War 2 Planes

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Hawker Hurricane Pencil Sketch

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If you are interested in world war 2 planes, showcased here as aircraft art, then we think that you have come to the right place.

This section features many British world war ii planes, in a few, but nevertheless, distinct artistic styles of digital art.

For example: The Spitfire fighter plane, seen here, in a superb, iconic, pencil sketch.

Catch also, right here, as a dazzling ink sketch, the Spitfire airplane

Look here! The Spitfire planes come into view, showcased in a breathtaking watercolor image.

And finally, from the Spitfire portfolio, the

Spitfire fighter seen here in a brilliant oils effect image.

Also playing its part, the de Havilland Mosquito profiled here in a dramatic pencil sketch image, and also in an ink sketch.

But the Spitfire is not the only aircraft to be featured in world war 2 planes, we have the Hawker Hurricane, in yet another breahtaking pencil sketch image.

We have even more Hurricane images to show you.

If you want to see it in a great watercolor effect image then catch it here, under Hawker Hurricane fighter. Catch it now!

The final Hurricane images, because there's not one but two, are to be found right here, under Hawker Hurricane fighter aircraft.

There are yet more war fighter planes to be seen.

See the Hawker Tempest in a wonderful pencil sketch interpretation and another image of the aircraft in oils.

Not to be out done by any of the above, catch the Hawker Typhoon, pencil sketch right here!

See this fine old aircraft in a stunning watercolor, next! Gloster Gladiator.

These war fighter planes engaged in not just one to one combat, but also fulfilled other roles, such as bomber escort.

If it is WWii bombers that are of interest, then take a peek at the majestic Avro Lancaster Bomber ink sketch.

Definitly not to be missed is the Wellington Bomber seen here, in not only one, but two pieces of artwork, a pencil sketch of the craft and a watercolor effect image.

Towards the end of the war, there emerged an aircraft, that heralded the arrival of the jet fighter age, the

Gloster Meteor, seen here in a rivetting pencil sketch.

All these aircraft played their part to ensure that there was to be no highway in the sky for any airborne aggressors for the remainder of the war.